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6 refill essential oil solutions set - mixed scent

6 refill essential oil solutions set - mixed scent

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  • Natural essential oil & active agent solutions 8ml x 6

          1. BRAIN POWER - post covid relief (ginseng, bellflower, gingko extract)

           2. INTO THE WOOD - refresh & joyful (pine, frankincense, orange extract ) 2x 

           3. FLOWER GARDEN - sweet & soothing (tangerine, bergamot, petigrain extract)

           4. ME TIME - calm & comfort (lavender, ylang ylang, cedarwood extract) 

           5. ENERGY ZONE -power & positivity 

Our essential oil based solutions:

  • Alcohol Free
  • Safe to apply on skin Safe to pets, kids & mammals.
  • Kill 99.9 % Corona viruses & bacteria.
  • Effectively inhibit hand, foot, mouth diseases
  • Intertek lab tested free from harmful metallic substances.

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