Discover why....

    • Smart sanitizing diffusing device

      • contemporary design
      • easy to operate
      • technology-driven
    • Protection against viruses and bacteria on-the-go

      • we strive to provide a safe & protected environment with a pleasant & aromatic therapy for travelling families and individuals
    • Special aromatic formulation

      • Careful blend of natural essential oils to deliver a joyful and aromatic experience while sanitizing for a safe journey

    Smart Device

    Automatic diffusion when you ignite your engine. Enter hibernation when you leave. Cool ?

    Size of device: 38x38x77 mm

    • Travel friendly

      Being in enclosed spaces with recirculated air where hundreds of people spend hours in close proximity to each other, our diffuser helps to reduce the possibility of inhaling airborne contaminants.

    • Get back your confidence to explore the world again!

      16ml essential oils solution, does not contain any alcohol, is enoguh to carry you through a long haul. Take with you on vacation to ensure you and everyone around you will stay safe and healthy throughout the journey.

    • On your desk

      Lift your mood and energize your day, make your office space a protected & pleasant environment.